Why Keeping Your Driving Record Clean May Help Lower Your Life Insurance Costs.

Rachel Garland | Life Insurance | 28 Oct, 2015 | No Comments

Did you know that having a clean driving record can help you save when it comes to life insurance? Although you may assume that your driving record has more to do with your car insurance than life insurance, this isn’t quite the case. In fact, your recent driving record can have a significant impact on your options when it comes to your policy.


What’s the Effect?

The vast majority of life insurance companies will review all prospective policyholders driving records. Accidents, DUIs along with moving violations can negatively impact your options. However, a clean record can have exactly the opposite effect. In fact, a clean record will work tremendously in your favor! While driving violations will increase your rates and limit your options a clean record can expand them.


Driving Violations to Avoid

Although you may have kept a clean record up until this point, it is still important to keep in mind some of the major violations that you will want to avoid. While there may not be a single factor alone that will determine your options, there are a few major violations that you will want to be sure to avoid.


Speeding Tickets

One single speeding ticket alone is not likely to raise your rates, especially if it didn’t occur recently. However, multiple speeding tickets within a short period of time can have serious consequences. Just as speeding tickets can be seen as a risk to car insurance providers, it can also be viewed as a liability by life insurance providers. While one speeding ticket is likely to be viewed as a slight mishap, multiple tickets are likely to leave insurers feeling less than secure.


DUIs can lead to significant consequences in more ways than one. In addition to increasing your car insurance rates nearly astronomically, it can also make obtaining affordable coverage a considerable challenge as well. In fact, some policy providers will outright deny coverage to applicants with 2 or more DUIs. While obtaining life insurance coverage is possible with a DUI it is nearly guaranteed to become more difficult.

Moving Violations

Multiple moving violations can lead some insurers to deny coverage completely, even to applicants willing to pay higher premiums. Although coverage is still possible with a single moving violation on your record, it is still advisable to avoid these infractions if possible. After all, multiple moving violations on your driving record will not look favorably to nearly any insurer.


The Good News

While there are a number of violations that can negatively impact your life insurance options, there is good news. Due to the fact that you’ve been able to maintain a clean driving record, you’re in a great position when it comes to obtaining affordable rates. In fact, insurers are likely to see your driving record quite favorably!


If you would like to explore all of your options, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. At TermLifeInsurance.com we’ve made exploring your options fast, simple, and secure. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to check out our life insurance calculator here or contact us directly to begin your journey towards better coverage.


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