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4333 Edgewood Rd.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52499

100 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


Telephone Number:
1 (800) 797-2643.

Brief History:

Back in 1904, Amadeo Giannini started up what was to become the Bank of Italy in a rehabilitated saloon out in San Francisco, California. The goal was to provide everyone an equal opportunity to find respectable financing options, no matter what income level the person was at. He proved he was serious shortly after the 1906 earthquake and resulting fires. He would extend financing to people who needed it, with little more than a handshake as their word on repayment. Later, in 1928, the Bank of Italy combined forces with the Bank of America, leading to another acquisition in 1930, from the Occidental Life Insurance Company, by way of the Transamerica Corporation.

In the decades that followed, Transamerica gained greater financial holdings within the company, eventually holding a majority interest. Since then, the company has taken over the life insurance portion, financial services portion, and the customer service portion from the smaller corporations that it has acquired. Transamerica Life Insurance Company now holds over $100 billion in assets and over $1 trillion in current life insurance policies, and can offer even more types of coverage to those who are interested.

The Transamerica Life Insurance Company is now also a part of what many would say is among the leaders in financial service organizations of the world, Aegon, N.V. This allows the company to offer more financial services than in years past, giving customers access to retirement plans, investment opportunities, mutual funds, and annuities, amongst their other offerings of many different types of life insurance policies, as well as dental policies, casualty and disability policies, and long-term policies.


Transamerica Life Insurance Company has over 10,000 employees at their different locations around the world.

Transamerica Life Insurance Interesting Facts:

Different subsidiaries of the Transamerica Life Insurance Company are in the process of changing their names so that they can offer more focused services to their customers. One company, the Monumental Life Insurance Company, is in the process of becoming the Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, while another company, the Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, is becoming the Transamerica Casualty Life Insurance Company.

Process for Changing Your Transamerica Policy:

When it comes to changing your policy, you should contact either the company’s website or their customer service agents. Some changes can be quickly and easily done from their website, while the more complicated changes may require the more personal touch offered by their customer service department. Occasionally, you will need to have the forms mailed out to you to fill out and return, but the customer service representatives will be able to help arrange that for you when necessary.

Transamerica Coverage Locations:

Transamerica Life Insurance Company, and its subsidiaries, offers coverage in many different locations all around the world.

Transamerica Life Insurance Consumer Ratings:

The Transamerica Life Insurance Company holds a superior rating with many of the different rating companies. Here is how the company is viewed.

A.M. Best has given Transamerica Life Insurance Company an A+ Superior rating for their financial strength and credit holdings. This is the second highest out of their 16 different rating levels.

Fitch has given the Transamerica Life Insurance Company an AA- rating for their current financial state.

Standards & Poor’s has given the Transamerica Life Insurance Company an AA- rating for their ability to stay financially stable in the current financial market.

Moody’s gave the Transamerica Life Insurance Company an A1 rating for their financial coverage.


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