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Brief History:

The SBLI Life Insurance of Massachusetts stands for the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts, and it was founded back in 1907. By 1930, they already held over $100 million in life insurance policies. Then in 1953, they hit the $100 million in assets mark. By the year 2000, the company surpassed the $1.3 billion mark in total company assets. In 2007, SBLI of Massachusetts crossed the $2 billion mark in company assets. Since the company’s founding, they have been able to help more than one million different families find life insurance they could both afford, and depend on.

SBLI Life Insurance Interesting Facts:

A lawyer, who later became a Supreme Court Justice, founded SBLI of Massachusetts: Louis Brandeis. His goal was to offer affordable insurance that could work for every person, no matter what their budgetary restraints were, and that goal is still a major part of the company today. They take the questions out of the process and keep it simple. No matter what type of insurance coverage you are after, you can expect a straightforward approach from the specialists at SBLI of Massachusetts, as that is how the founder wanted the company to operate.

SBLI Life Insurance of Massachusetts offers a unique website compared to most other companies, in that you can get a quote for most of the available product lines instantly. All you have to do is go to their website, fill in the appropriate information, and get the quote you are looking for. When the company was founded, the Internet was not yet available, but the same approach that helped people get easy, affordable, and dependable insurance over 100 years ago has simply been applied to this new technology to keep people getting what they need without the hoops to jump through.

They offer some of the most competitive rates in the country, giving healthy subscribers rates that other companies simply cannot match. However, anyone with health issues should ask about how their specific ailments can change their premium prior to starting their policy, as some do increase what a person may end up paying.

Process for Changing Your Policy:

SBLI Life Insurance uses its website for most of the changes that clients would require. They often update their website, and they strive to make it as user friendly as possible. When you need to make a change to your policy, you can often make those changes online. If you are struggling with the process, then contact their customer service number and allow one of their representatives to walk you through the steps to make the changes you require.

SBLI Life Insurance Coverage Locations:

SBLI Life Insurance of Massachusetts offers coverage in 48 states currently, plus the District of Columbia, and offers numerous different lines of products, depending on the type of needs of the customer.

SBLI Life Insurance Consumer Rating:

SBLI of Massachusetts holds a superior rating with many of the different financial rating companies. The solidity of this life insurance company should inspire security when investing as they have a long history of this type of stability. Here is how this company is currently viewed:

A.M. Best has given SBLI of Massachusetts an A+ Superior rating for their financial strength and credit holdings. This is the second highest out of their 16 different rating levels. This information is as of July 2014.

Standards & Poor’s has given SBLI of Massachusetts an A- rating for overall financial stability.

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