Recently Lose Weight? Here’s What To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Your Life Insurance Policy

Mark Burback | Health | 7 Dec, 2015 | No Comments

Are you beginning to lead a healthier lifestyle and have noticed that in return your weight is dropping?


If so, congratulations! Losing excess weight can have a tremendous impact on your health for the better. From lowering your blood pressure to cholesterol to even increasing your energy levels throughout the day, there are countless benefits to losing weight.


In fact, believe it or not, losing weight can even help you qualify for lower life insurance premiums.


Just how much can you save?


Well, that is going to depend on a number of different factors. After all, every insurer has a unique set of qualifying standards.


Below, you will find some of the most substantial factors that insurers are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to healthy weight loss and life insurance premiums.



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1.) Nature of Weight Loss

While every insurer may have a unique set of standards when it comes to life insurance classification, all insurers will want to see that a healthy weight loss has taken place.


For example, losing an excessive amount of weight very quickly through unhealthy tactics or losing too much weight and becoming underweight will not work in your favor when it comes to life insurance premiums. In addition, weight loss as a result of an adverse health condition is not likely to help you qualify for lower rates either.


However, achieving a significant amount of weight loss in a healthy and stable way is absolutely likely to work in your favor in the eyes of insurers.



2.) Amount of Weight Loss

Insurers will be considering more than the nature of the weight loss. In fact, it’s pretty much a given that insurers will also want to know the amount of weight lost.


For example, losing 5lbs isn’t likely to change your life insurance premiums. However, losing anything over 10lbs may help you improve your classification with insurers. Just like being overweight can knock you down into a worse classification, losing weight can help you achieve exactly the opposite.


Keep in mind though that every insurer will have their own unique chart to evaluate this weight loss. Additional factors such as height and gender will be taken into consideration as well.



3.) Longevity of Weight Loss

What else might insurers want to know regarding your weight loss?


Great question! While dropping a substantial number of pounds is an incredible accomplishment, insurers want to see more than just the fact that you’re able to drop the weight before they lower your premiums.


Insurers are going to want to see longevity in your weight loss. Or in other words, your ability to keep the weight off. While fluctuating between a few pounds is one thing, insurers do not like to see that you have major fluctuations in your weight over time.


So, how long do you need to keep the weight off?


A good rule of thumb is any weight loss sustained over 12 months or more will be viewed favorably by most insurers.



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