Is It Possible To Get Life Insurance During Pregnancy? What Expecting Mothers Should Know

Rachel Garland | Life Insurance | 24 Nov, 2015 | No Comments

Why in the world would pregnancy affect your life insurance rates? After all, it is not as though pregnancy is some kind of physical ailment. So, what’s the deal here?


Well, to put it simply, the birth of a child is a major life event and as such has the potential to impact your options.


However, there is some good news.


General Guidelines

If you are a healthy woman who is having a normal pregnancy, your life insurance policy is likely to be virtually unaffected, particularly if you already possess coverage prior to pregnancy.


What about if you need to purchase a policy, though, is it still possible to qualify for affordable premiums? Luckily, for the vast majority of women who need to purchase coverage during pregnancy they have no trouble in doing some. In fact, some insurance companies may not even take pregnancy into consideration.


More often than not, pregnancy will not have a major influence when it comes to life insurance.


However, what about cases that fall outside of the norm?


Potential Complications

Although complications are rare, they can happen. While the majority of women will have no trouble obtaining coverage, the development of complications during pregnancy can influence options.


And like many financial matters, there’s no simple answer here. Depending upon the complications that are developed, some insurers may request higher premiums to be paid for coverage while others may request that coverage be delayed until after birth.


However, even in the event that complications due occur, it is highly unlikely for a woman to be denied coverage completely, at least based off of this factor alone. While there may be some waiting period involved, complications during pregnancy do not necessarily equate to sky-high premiums or a complete denial of coverage.


Post-Delivery Considerations

Although life after delivery may be far from mind, many women are surprised to learn that some post-pregnancy developments can have a long-term impact on life insurance rates.


For example, should a woman gain too much weight during pregnancy and retain that weight, in the long run, insurers may request that a higher premium is paid due to the negative impact it can have on health. From brain function to liver function, excessive weight gain can lead some insurers to offer less than preferable rates. In addition, the development of any outside conditions such as high blood pressure or even diabetes post-pregnancy can increase rates, which is why it is often advisable to seek coverage early on.


How so? By investing in a policy early on, many women are able to lock in the best rates at the most affordable premiums, providing greater coverage for less.


While not every insurer will issue a life insurance policy during pregnancy, there are countless who will. If you find that one provider denies you coverage, simply move on to the next. In many cases, most providers will not deny you outright for coverage but rather require that you wait until after delivery. After all, with a little one on the way, there has never been a better time to begin planning for your family’s future.


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