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ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Company Details

Contact Information

Company Address:
909 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

Telephone Number:
877-537-5024, Monday through Friday


Brief History:

ING ReliaStar Life insurance is a Dutch multinational retirement, investment management and insurance operation company started in the mid-1970s, though its roots can be traced back to 1885. ING Group’s predecessor started building the company when it acquired the majority of Wisconsin National Life Insurance Company in 1975, followed by Midwestern United Life Insurance Company in 1976. The Company has ended up acquiring other insurance companies like Security Life of Denver in 1977, Equitable of Iowa in 1997, Relia Star in 2000 and CitiStreet in 2008 among others. ING also acquired Life of Georgia in 2004 and ING Reinsurance and three broker-dealers of ING Advisors Network in 2010 and also began trading in 2013 with an unveiling of a new brand and IPO. Soon there will be a transitioning to Voya Financial in 2014.

Number of Employees:

ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company has a dedicated workforce of around 7,000 employees according to the company’s site. The employees also get insurance coverage like disability income insurance; supplemental insurance, life and accident insurance adhere to the companies practice and code of good conduct.

ING ReliaStar Interesting Facts:

ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company is on the verge of being rebranded to VOYA Financial. It is a premier retirement, investment and insurance company serving the needs of approximately 13 million individuals and institutional customers in the U.S. It is a top-five retirement plan provider with an asset of $514 billion under management and administration. It is a top-tier independent broker-dealer network in the U.S as well as provider of life insurance for the long haul. It has a top-10 medical stop-loss coverage provision. Its solid reputation is its core business lines like annuities, mutual funds, employee benefits and financial planning. It also has a peer comparison, which is a powerful motivator and personalized benchmarking tools that provide meaningful insight into how comparison affects retirement savings. ING Insurance also has a mobile app called ING mobile to aid in easier management of one’s policy. It works directly with clients and through a broad group of financial intermediaries, asset distribution products and services independent producers and affiliated advisors.

Process for Policy Changing

Changing the policy/certificate is a simple process and is done by simply accessing a Service Request Form. The form allows one to request a wide variety of policy services like changes of beneficiary, change of name, transfer of ownership, address changes, policy loan request and cancellation of coverage. The applicant then makes the necessary changes of the policy and then submits the form that is processed as quickly as possible.

ING ReliaStar Coverage Locations

The company is found in all the states of USA.

ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Consumer Rating:

The company has among the best ratings as a result of its exemplary services. The ratings, as of December 9, 2011 were as follows;

A.M Best:
A Rating of A, excellent, which was its 3rd highest in 15 categories. This rating was based on the company’s strength and ability to meet obligations to contract holders.

A rating of an A-, 7th out of the 20 ratings, which was based on the company’s financial security.

This company rated Inc Life Insurance at an A-, strong, which is 7th highest of its 19 categories. It is determined on the company’s financial strength.

MOODY’S Investors Service
It rated MetLife an A3, good, which was 7th highest of its 21 categories.

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