Growing Family? 5 Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Life Insurance

Ross Quade | General | 11 Feb, 2016 | No Comments

It’s something that changes your life forever.


The birth of a child is by far one of the most exciting and overwhelming moments that life has to offer. After all, whether this is your first child or third child, there are very few moments in life as special as holding your child in your arms for the very first time.


And while life insurance is understandably far from mind as you’re welcoming your little one into the world, that doesn’t mean you should put off finding coverage altogether either.


Which is why we decided to make things even easier on you with these 5 simple tips when it comes to life insurance.


1.) Explore Your Options

If there is one thing every growing family should do when it comes to life insurance, it’s to explore coverage options. With a variety of policies and providers to select from, families looking to maximize the value of their coverage should consider the type of policy they would like to invest in. For example, term life insurance is typically the most affordable type of coverage for growing families whereas whole life insurance tends to be the most expensive.


2.) Evaluate Dual Coverage

In addition to exploring the types of coverage options available, families should also consider whether or not one or both spouses will seek coverage. While the common assumption is that only the primary breadwinner of the family needs coverage, this is rarely the case. After all, many families today cannot live off a single spouses’ income, thus, it’s a wise investment to consider dual coverage.


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3.) Lock In Coverage Early

While waiting to seek coverage for a few years down the road might seem like a wise move now, the reality is that it rarely, if ever, pays off in the long run. Locking in coverage early on ensures that your family is not only protected in the present, but also for years to come. Not to mention the fact that securing a policy sooner rather than later helps couples qualify for the most affordable premiums possible at a time when they need it the most.


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4.) Compare Providers & Policies

However, before locking in a policy just yet, couples are advised to compare providers and policies thoroughly. After all, insurers utilize a unique system for evaluating individuals for coverage. Just because one insurer approves you for coverage does not mean that insurer is your only option. In fact, you’ll find that premiums can vary greatly depending on the provider.


5.) Continually Review Coverage

Above all, growing families should not overlook the important of continually reviewing their coverage. Just as the needs of a family change over time, so do their coverage needs. After all, securing a policy does not necessarily mean it is set in stone never to be revised again. In fact, families should review their coverage frequently to ensure the maximum value of the policy.



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