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Genworth is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

Phone number for urgent inquiries:
1 888 GENWORTH (888.436.9678)
Available M – Thurs 8:30 AM – 8 PM ET and Friday 9AM – 8PM ET.

Phone number for general questions:
1 888 GENWORTH (1 888 436.9678)

Available M – Thurs 8:30 AM – 8 PM ET and Friday 9AM – 8PM ET.

For unresolved issues or disputes:

Genworth Financial Life Insurance has a strong presence in social media with most of its social sites linked to the main website. (

Brief History:

Genworth was established in 1871 as The Life Insurance Company of Virginia. Combined Insurance acquired Life of Virginia in 1986 (Combined Insurance later, in 1987, became AON). GE Capital bought Life of Virginia in 1996. Genworth Financial emerged out of many insurance concerns of General Electric. Genworth Financial is among the Fortune 500 companies, financial security sector. In 2013, Genworth completed a legal entity restructuring; it resulted in the formation of a new overall holding company.

Genworth Financial, Inc. is a publicly quoted company and currently has an asset base of over $100 billion and its network is spread across over 25 countries. The company is not only rated among the Fortune 500 companies but also rated the leading U.S. Company in Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.


Genworth Financial Life Insurance has a strong workforce of over 6.300 employees (2013)

Genworth Financial Products:

Genworth Financial provides financial security and protection for millions of Americans through products such as Long Term Care Insurance, Annuities, Insurance, Mortgage, etc. They also offer a Retirement & Protection segment. When a policyholder includes fixed annuities in his retirement portfolio, he is able to cushion a section of his retirement money from market fluctuations and subsequent losses. It ensures that a prescribed amount of your income lasts for life. This is a predictable product that removes uncertainties. The Genworth Financial also has US Mortgage Insurance, and an International Products and services segment, which includes wealth management, lifestyle protection insurance among others.

Genworth Financial Industry Ratings:

The company’s main life insurance companies are rated by Standard and Poor’s, A.M. Best and Moody’s as follows: Genworth Life Insurance Company, Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York are all rated A, A- and A3.  These ratings are not an indicator and assurance of the performance of portfolios of products which can fluctuate and lose value in the process.

Genworth Financial Consumer Rating:

The company scores a 5 star rating. This is because of its strong financial positioning and competitive advantage. Genworth Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries have a strong financial positioning. The company has life insurance in force of over $728 billion (December 2013). This shows that Genworth Financial is stable. The company has also developed and devised innovative products that are relevant to the market. It has a superior customer service record. This is shown by the company’s award, the company’s third consecutive year achievement of DALBAR’s 2013 Life Insurance Service Award.

Genworth Financial Life Insurance Coverage Area:

The company runs its business throughout the 50 states. The main centers of operation in the U.S. are Lynchburg, VA, Phoenix, AZ, Pleasant Hill, CA, Raleigh, NC, and Washington, DC, among many others with a strong international presence. It is found in over 25 countries.

How to change policy:

Genworth Financial offers a flexible change of policy terms. This can be done after consultation with the company or its agents. A change form must then be filled out by the insured to change or revoke the policy.  The form is detailed and all the information previously captured in the application process must be filled out afresh together with the changes needed, e.g. addition of a contingent beneficiary or if one wishes to add more beneficiaries.

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