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Company Information

Company Address:
8700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Ste. 900S
Chicago, Illinois 60631


Telephone Number: (800) 369-3990.

Brief History:

Fidelity Life Association was founded back in 1896, and has since grown very quickly, but it was started under the name of Mystic Workers of the World. It took until 1930 to see the company going by its current name. By 1908, more than 50,000 members had already signed up for policies, and by 1915, there was already more than $100 million in life insurance policies within the company.

They offer numerous types of insurance for people ranging from just out of college up to age 95. They also expedite the process to help families get answers quickly when something happens where their coverage would come into play.

The Fidelity Life Insurance currently holds assets that are approximately $515 billion in its life insurance policies, giving it the asset security it needs to be stable during the ups and downs that the market can cause. It also has a current surplus in excess of $250 million for necessary payouts to their clientele.


Fidelity Life Association employs only the best people to take care of all of your customer service, policy sign-up, and overall insurance needs.

Interesting Facts:

Fidelity Life Insurance is one of only a few select companies that specifically offer hybrid insurance policies, combining multiple types of insurance together, giving customers the best of all options.

Fidelity Life Association also has what is known as a Rapid Decision Team, allowing people who are in desperate need of a response to their insurance claim to get an answer in a matter of days, instead of having to wait the standard months to find out their realistic options.

Fidelity Life Insurance prefers doing as much of the sign-up process online as possible, as that allows them to offer coverage to people needing insurance within mere days, instead of most carriers who require months of exams, testing, or questionnaires.

Process for Changing Your Policy:

When you need to change or update your policy, the first place you should turn is to the website. This is because Fidelity Life Association places a lot of importance in the use of their website, and work on it diligently to keep it current and ready for anything customers may need. They want you to feel comfortable using the website, and hope that each step of the process is easy to figure out on your own. However, if you end up encountering an issue or cannot find your way to a specific form or area of information, customer service is at the ready to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to change your beneficiary, or add or remove someone from your policy, Fidelity Life Association will help you accomplish your goal in a matter of minutes.

Fidelity Life Insurance Coverage Locations:

The Fidelity Life Association has coverage in 48 of the 50 states, with only New York and Wyoming as exceptions.

Fidelity Life Insurance Consumer Rating:

Fidelity Life Association has excellent ratings with numerous rating companies around. Here is a breakdown of the firatings by company:

A.M. Best gives the Fidelity Life Association an A- Excellent rating for superior financial strength and a strong ability to withstand the market. This was A.M. Best’s fourth best rating out of their 16 possible ratings.

Standards & Poor’s gives Fidelity Life Association an A+ Excellent rating for superb follow through with guarantees made to customers over the life of the company.

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