3D Organ Printing that Might One Day Save Your Life

Mark Burback | Health, Underwriting | 24 Sep, 2015 | No Comments

On any given day in the United States, more than 123,000 people wait for donor organs that have the potential to save their lives. This number increases every 10 minutes when the name of a new critically ill patient joins the existing nationwide waiting list. The need is so great and the supply so small that 21 […]

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Getting Life Insurance as an Alcoholic

Aaron Crowe | Health, Life Insurance, Underwriting | 9 Mar, 2015 | No Comments

Almost three years after treatment for a substance abuse problem and being sober, Bill Dinker has repeatedly been turned down for life insurance because he honestly answers one question. “Have you ever sought treatment for a substance abuse problem?” Dinker, 32, and in otherwise excellent health, says he always answers yes, and is always denied […]

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What It’s Like to Buy Term Life Insurance

Eric Rosenberg | Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Underwriting | 3 Nov, 2014 | No Comments

I’ve shared a little about my personal life in my articles here so far, and wanted to dive in a little deeper on my own life insurance and what I’ve done recently. I am recently married and just went through the process to get my own life insurance in the last month. Here’s what I […]

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