Practical Solutions to 6 Challenging Estate Planning Issues for Blended Families

Ross Quade | Financial | 8 Dec, 2015 | No Comments

The definition of a blended family is a social unit formed by the joining of two parents who were previously married, as well as the children from their former marriages. Currently, in the United States blended families outnumber those of traditional nuclear families, and this trend is only going up. This fosters a situation in […]

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Congrats You’re Hired! Why It’s Time To Review Your Life Insurance Policy Again

Mark Burback | Financial | 9 Oct, 2015 | No Comments

Did you recently land a promotion or a new job? If so congrats, you have a lot to celebrate! Starting a new job or position is an accomplishment and something that you should be proud of. With this accomplish though comes a need for review. While your life insurance policy may be the furthest thing […]

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What Young Parents Should Do with Their Money

Ross Quade | Financial | 6 Oct, 2015 | No Comments

There’s no expectation to have all your ducks in a row before the baby is born. However, after a few months when your family is getting organized and settled in, some financial planning should be done to ensure that you are successful parents. Even if it takes you a while to get all your finances […]

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Is It Possible To Be Too Old For Life Insurance?

Rachel Garland | Death, Financial, Insurance, Life Insurance | 8 Sep, 2015 | No Comments

We can’t tell you how many times this question has come up. One of the biggest concerns people have regarding life insurance is the possibility that they are too old to be approved. If you’ve ever had thoughts like this, don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact, countless people as young as 40 wonder whether […]

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The 10 Most Affordable Places to Retire in the US

Ross Quade | Financial | 10 Apr, 2015 | No Comments

  Retirement can mean a time of relaxation and more time spent with friends, family and grandchildren. Many retirees decide to relocate when they retire, usually to someplace warmer or closer to the ones they love. Maybe you just want to be closer to the beach or your favorite vacation spot.  One thing that can […]

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Do I Even Really Need Life Insurance?

Eric Rosenberg | Children, Death, Financial, Term Life Insurance | 8 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

A huge number of people have never considered getting life insurance. We have never thought through the costs, the types, and the benefits of having life insurance. Many people are not ready for life insurance just yet, but have not thought through when it might be a good idea. Other people are probably not quite […]

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How Does Life Insurance Impact My Retirement?

Eric Rosenberg | Financial | 29 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Our personal finances are a puzzle made up of many pieces. We have our checking accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and insurance policies. Each of these plays a different part in preparing for retirement. What is the Primary Goal of Life Insurance? The primary goal of life insurance is to cover your family’s […]

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Financial Planning Tips for Parents of Autistic Children

Ross Quade | Financial | 28 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Financial planning is extremely important if your child was born with autism. You must deal with the question of what will happen to your child if something happens to you. Although that can be difficult to think about, it’s important in order to ensure the security of your child’s future. Here are some financial planning […]

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Protecting Elderly Parents from Financial Fraud

Ross Quade | Financial | 17 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Elder fraud is when people purposefully target the elderly by deceiving them through the promise of services, goods or other financial benefits that do not actually exist, and were never intended to be given, or were completely misrepresented. It is illegal to exploit anyone young or old financially, however the elderly tend to be an […]

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