8 High-Risk Hobbies That Could Increase Your Life Insurance Premiums

Ross Quade | General | 8 Mar, 2016 | No Comments

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

If so, there are a few things you’re going to want to know when it comes to life insurance.

While hobbies can be part of a healthy lifestyle, there are some hobbies that push the limits to the extreme. In fact, these pastimes can put a person’s health – and even their life – on the life.

Often referred to by insurers as “hazardous vocations”, participating in high-risk hobbies can result in higher premiums and in some extreme cases, a denial of coverage altogether.

Although insurers use a unique set of eligibility criteria, we’ve compiled the top 7 hobbies that are likely to increase your life insurance premiums


1.) Mountain Climbing

While it can be an exhilarating activity, mountain climbing is also one of the most dangerous activities on earth. Especially, given the high potential for injury or even death. And as such, mountain climbers can expect to pay higher than average premiums. However, keep in mind that mountain climbing alone will not equate to an automatics increase in rates. Factors such as the date of the last climb, grade of the climb, and length of the climb may also be taken into consideration by some insurers.


2.) Skydiving

Free falling from up to 16,000 feet, skydiving is an adrenaline rush, to say the least. Described by avid jumpers as an activity that leaves you feeling like you’re on top of the world, skydiving is an activity that is as much feared as it is revered. And while accidents are rare, they do occur. Which means that frequent flyers can expect to pay more for premiums. However, for the occasional flyer, the increase may be minimal or nonexistent.


3.) Boxing

A hands-on and high contact sport, boxers are highly susceptible injury. And while it is unlikely that boxers will face an injury so severe that is life threatening, it is possible. After all, some injuries can be so severe that they can reduce quality of life. Which means that participating in boxing can absolutely make it more challenging to qualify for life insurance. However, many boxers are able to find coverage, typically in exchange for a higher monthly premium.


4.) Surfing

While it might not seem like a dangerous activity to beach bound onlookers, the sport of surfing does pose some risk. From big wave surfing to catching short swells, surfing is a sport that is practiced across the globe. But that does not mean it does not pose any risk either. With waves reaching upwards to 20 or even 50 feet for big wave surfers, this is one sport that while thrilling, can also be dangerous. And as such, surfers should expect to pay more for coverage.


5.) Aviation

Whether operating a private or personal aircraft, this is one activity that is unlikely to be viewed favorably by insurers. In addition, many insurers do not cover incidents occurring in privately owned planes, including passengers. Which means that aviation enthusiasts need to be particularly careful when selecting a policy. Terms vary by providers, so comparing quotes is crucial for frequent flyers.


6.) Scuba Diving

Although scuba diving is a wildly popular recreational sport, it is also one of the world’s most hazardous sports. With divers being susceptible to peculiar injuries along with potentially life-threatening hazards, insurers may charge divers more for premiums or even deny coverage in some scenarios. It’s important to remember though that every insurer will look at scuba diving differently, so divers are encouraged to shop around to lock in the lowest rates.


7.) Snowboarding

A sport that is enjoyed by nature enthusiasts around the globe snowboarding has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. And while this snow-fueled sport can be a blast, it also poses some significant health risks. Particularly when it comes lower extremity injuries and fractures. Although it varies by insurers, snowboarders are often faced with higher premiums when it comes to life insurance.


8.) Hang Gliding

If there is one hobby that life insurance providers tend to deny coverage for, it’s hang gliding. In fact, hang gliding is actually considered to be one of the most dangerous air sports possible. And while the debate is still up whether or not hang gliding is actually more dangerous than skydiving, it is still common for life insurance providers to deny or significantly increase premiums for people who frequently participate in this activity.


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