6 Tips for Reducing Your Chances of a Stroke

Ross Quade | Health | 3 Jul, 2014 | No Comments

It can be all too easy to develop unhealthy habits that lead you to put your body at risk. These habits can cause conditions that put you at an increased risk for a stroke. This includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and atrial fibrillation. Having any of these will put you at an increased risk for heart problems. The good news is that you can dramatically lower your chances of getting a stroke by implanting some healthy actions into your life. Here are six tips for reducing your chances of stroke.

Exercise Every Day

You don’t need to go on a 10 mile run in order to exercise your body. Implementing moderate exercise into your life will lower your risk of stroke by between 30 to 50%. Try to aim for at least 30 minutes of cardio for at least five days out of the week. It is recommended that you also put in strength training into your schedule. If this is too much for you currently, then start smaller. Keep in mind that if this is too much for you or your schedule then something is much better than nothing. Even if you can only find time to exercise for fifteen minutes twice a week, this will still do your body good when it comes to preventing stroke.

Make a Weight Loss Goal

If you are considered to be obese or overweight then you are not required to get skinny in order to reduce your risk of a stroke. In fact, all you need to do is lose between 5 and 10% of your body fat in order to dramatically improve your cholesterol level and lower your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Take Heart Medication If You Need It

One study discovered that over 130,000 US citizens pass away each year due to their lack of taking their needed heart medication as prescribed by their doctor. If you have a prescribed medicine that you are not taking properly then it is critical that you alter your habits now in order to diligently take your medicine on time every time. Understand what exactly is keeping you from taking your proper medication such as cost, forgetfulness, or side effects. It is a good idea to ask your doctor for help in this matter.

Eat Healthy

It is worth the time and effort to implement a healthy diet into your life as it can dramatically reduce your risk of contracting heart disease by almost 25%. In order to do this simply fill up your plate with a large variety of vegetables, fruits, fish, lean means and whole grains.

Drink a Bit of Alcohol, But Not Much

There is a very thin line between drinking a healthy amount and drinking to excess. If you drink a moderate amount of alcohol it is actually very good for your heart. However, if you drink too much then it has the opposite effect and will in fact increase your risk of stroke as well as heart attack and atrial fibrillation. To obtain the great benefits of alcohol without gaining the risk as well, you should cut back on your alcohol intake to one drink per day if you are a woman and two if you are a man.

Eat a Bit of Chocolate

There are quite a bit of studies done that show that those who indulge in a bit of chocolate every once in a while can lower their risk of stroke by about 30%. Although it will not help your case to eat a huge amount of chocolate, eating a square or two a day can be extremely beneficial to your health and morale as well, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

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