6 Surprising Things That Are Increasing Your Life Insurance Premiums

Ross Quade | General | 16 Mar, 2016 | No Comments

Wondering why the only life insurance quotes you can find online are sky high?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We understand first how just how frustrating the process of comparing providers and policies can be. Which is why we created a hassle-free term life insurance quote comparison service.

However, we also know that finding the right policy to suit your needs is more than just comparing your options, it’s also about maximizing your options.

Which is why we’ve broken down the 6 most surprising things that could be increasing your life insurance premiums.

1.) Not Getting Enough Exercise

While many people are aware of the fact that being overweight can influence life insurance premiums negatively, few people realize the full impact.

In fact, the majority of providers take into consideration far more than weight alone.

Before assessing life insurance rate classes, providers are likely to evaluate overall physical fitness.

Which means it’s important to get sufficient exercise to qualify for the lowest rates.


2.) Participating in High-Risk Hobbies

When life insurance providers assess your liabilities, they also assess your lifestyle, including your hobbies.

And sure, scuba diving or rock climbing on the weekends may be a blast, but it could also be causing your life insurance premiums to surge.

While these hobbies are ideal in terms of physical fitness, they do pose risk.

After all, life insurance providers must evaluate your total liability.


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3.) Poor Family History

If there is one thing on this list you don’t have control over, it’s your family history.

In fact, many people are surprised to find that they are unable to qualify for the lowest possible rates even if they are healthy and physically fit.

And often, this can be due to a poor family history.

However, while you may not have control over your relative’s health, you can always shop around to obtain the lowest rates.

Remember – quotes vary by provider – explore your options.


4.) Failure to Take a Medical Exam

Did you know that failing to take a medical exam could end up costing you more?

While many people assume that skipping a medical exam is the best way to get the lowest rates, this is rarely the case.

The reality?

More often than not, skipping a medical exam is the quickest way to cause your premiums to surge.

So while it can be a hassle at times, choosing to take a medical is well worth in the long run.


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5.) Eating a Nutritionally Absent Diet

Find yourself grabbing a candy bar for an afternoon snack?

How about filling up on soda throughout the day?

If so, you’re not doing your body or your wallet any favors.

Not only are sugar-loaded snacks likely to lead to weight gain, they’re also likely to lead to higher life insurance premiums.

Load up fruits and vegetables to give your body a boost and your wallet a break.


6.) Leading a High-Stress Lifestyle

While it’s only natural to experience moments of stress from time to time, if it starts to become a habit, it’s time to address the problem.

Leading a stressful lifestyle can lead to numerous health ailments.

From high blood pressure to diabetes, stress impacts the body in countless ways.

In fact, whether you realize it or not, your high-stress lifestyle could be leading to a host of health problems and insurers know this.

So, allow yourself the opportunity to relax.


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