If Wearables Improve Your Health, Will Life Insurance Rates Drop?

Aaron Crowe | Health, Life Insurance | 22 Dec, 2014 | No Comments

Starting the new year with a wearable device such as a Fitbit, Jawbone or a heart rate sensor on a new smartphone that you unwrapped on Christmas Day can be a good incentive for staying in shape. Could it also be used to get a life insurance discount? Wearables can track heart rate, pulse, blood […]

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17 Weird Ways People Have Died

Aaron Crowe | Death | 15 Dec, 2014 | No Comments

Death comes in many forms, and if you’re lucky, you won’t see it coming. Accidents happen and people die in unforeseen ways. Here are 17 weird ways people have died: 1. Hoarders die in their clutter. In 1947 brothers Homer and Langley Collyer were found dead in their New York home, buried among the tons […]

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What’s Santa’s Life Insurance Risk?

Aaron Crowe | Life Insurance | 8 Dec, 2014 | No Comments

Santa Claus may be the jolliest fellow on the planet, and his annual tradition of giving gifts to all of the children of the world is remarkable, but his positive attitude won’t help him much when it comes to getting life insurance. Santa’s life insurance needs are probably unattainable. Even if a figure could be […]

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Insurer’s Responsibility to Find Beneficiaries When You Die?

Aaron Crowe | Life Insurance | 2 Dec, 2014 | No Comments

Among all of the paperwork families have to go through after a loved one dies, a life insurance policy is one that hopefully won’t get lost in the shuffle. In the rare occasions when life insurance policy beneficiaries don’t know about a policy, it’s up to the insurance company to find the beneficiaries after a […]

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How to Accurately Calculate Life Insurance Costs

Carrie Smith | Life Insurance | 1 Dec, 2014 | No Comments

Do you know if your life insurance premiums are accurate? How much does life insurance really cost? There are a few different things that factor into this figure, with your age and health being one of the main ones. It also depends on how large of a benefit you want paid out upon your death. […]

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