Buying Whole Life Insurance vs Term and Investing Difference

Aaron Crowe | Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance | 13 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Why buy whole life insurance, the logic goes, when you can buy a term life insurance policy for so much less money and then invest the difference for a better return? The thought behind this idea is that you’d have more money with a term policy and investing the difference than you would with a […]

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Ebola; 11 Things You Should Know about Protecting Yourself

Ross Quade | Health | 10 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Patient Zero was confirmed in the United States, which signals that Ebola is spreading beyond the control of any health or government department. Although the CDC promises that they’ll be able to keep Ebola under control in the United States, it is still quite a concern for many people who wonder how any government can […]

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Do I Even Really Need Life Insurance?

Eric Rosenberg | Children, Death, Financial, Term Life Insurance | 8 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

A huge number of people have never considered getting life insurance. We have never thought through the costs, the types, and the benefits of having life insurance. Many people are not ready for life insurance just yet, but have not thought through when it might be a good idea. Other people are probably not quite […]

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10 Ways Apple’s New Health App can Make You Healthier

Ross Quade | Health | 7 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

This year Apple made it their mission to tackle the fitness and health crisis this year by coming up with a Health app as part of their overall HealthKit, which comes with the new iOS 8. The goal of this is to combine apps, wearables and Smartphone’s in order to gain data about you and […]

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Pros and Cons of Independent vs Captive Insurance Agents

Aaron Crowe | Life Insurance | 6 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Choosing a life insurance agent can be as simple as going with the same company that insures your car and home. If you’ve worked with them for years and have had good experiences, and they sell life insurance, it can be an easy transition. Captive insurance agents — who sell for large companies such as […]

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10 Life Events That Can Change Your Life Insurance Needs

Ross Quade | Life Insurance | 6 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Many people purchase a life insurance policy only to put it in the back of their minds and never think about it again. This is a huge mistake, as you should review your life insurance on a regular basis, and check to see if there is a better type or amount of coverage that is […]

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15 Reasons Women Need Life Insurance Just as Much as Men

Ross Quade | Life Insurance | 3 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Having life insurance as a woman is extremely important. In fact, women need life insurance as much if not more than men. It doesn’t matter whether they are single or married, children or no children; life insurance should be a high priority. That being said having children makes life insurance even more of a necessity. […]

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11 Hidden Risks of Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Ross Quade | Health | 2 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Drinking alcohol is a normal pastime for individuals in all classes of society. From the executives of 500 fortune companies to the lower class citizens of America, alcohol consumption is a daily part of life for many. In today’s society, we classify alcoholism differently, which causes us to turn a blind eye to individuals who […]

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10 Tips for Safely Buying Prescription Drugs Online

Ross Quade | Health | 1 Oct, 2014 | No Comments

Purchasing prescription drugs online is a very convenient method, and is often much cheaper than buying them in a store or pharmacy. This is especially the case if you want to buy your prescription medication in bigger quantities. If you have health insurance that comes with a limited prescription benefit or you are in need […]

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