The Pros and Cons of Seven Sugar Substitutes

Ross Quade | Health | 30 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

We all know that white sugar and high fructose corn syrup are bad for us, which is why we turn to alternative sweeteners to do the job. Unfortunately, there are some sugar substitutes out there now that can be just as bad. Understanding the foods you eat is the key to managing your health. If […]

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When Reapplying for Life Insurance Can Be a Bad Idea

Aaron Crowe | Health, Life Insurance | 29 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Other than being young, getting healthy is one of the best ways to find better life insurance rates. Moving up in rate classifications from a standard to preferred rate can save 15-20 percent in premiums by losing weight, having good blood pressure, low cholesterol and being in overall good health. Stopping smoking can also save […]

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How Does Life Insurance Impact My Retirement?

Eric Rosenberg | Financial | 29 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Our personal finances are a puzzle made up of many pieces. We have our checking accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and insurance policies. Each of these plays a different part in preparing for retirement. What is the Primary Goal of Life Insurance? The primary goal of life insurance is to cover your family’s […]

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Financial Planning Tips for Parents of Autistic Children

Ross Quade | Financial | 28 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Financial planning is extremely important if your child was born with autism. You must deal with the question of what will happen to your child if something happens to you. Although that can be difficult to think about, it’s important in order to ensure the security of your child’s future. Here are some financial planning […]

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7 Adverse Effects of Coffee

Ross Quade | Health | 26 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee are very popular. In fact, 50% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. That percentage continues to grow every year. When drinking coffee, most people love the flavor and everything about it, including the jolt of energy. While true, sadly, coffee isn’t the greatest for a person […]

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9 Ways to Get Life Insurance Rates Like Superman

Aaron Crowe | Health, Life Insurance | 23 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

If Superman or Wonder Woman had life insurance, they’d easily qualify for preferred rates. They’d likely get ultra-preferred rates, meaning they have everything under control. But for us mortal humans, trying to get healthy and doing other things to get the best life insurance rates can make us feel not so super. Getting preferred rates […]

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10 Ways Term Life Insurance can Help your Small Business

Ross Quade | Term Life Insurance | 22 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Owning a small business means dealing with different kinds of insurance. One of the most important of which is a term life insurance policy. In fact many financial experts state that a life insurance policy is just as important as business liability insurance. Here are ten reasons why you should have a term life insurance […]

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Being Healthy Makes a Huge Difference When Buying Life Insurance

Eric Rosenberg | Health, Life Insurance | 22 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Most people don’t tie their health to their finances, but there is a much bigger connection than you may realize. Keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and living with healthy habits doesn’t just make us feel better and live longer, it lowers our cost for medical bills, health insurance, and even life insurance. How Life […]

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Protecting Elderly Parents from Financial Fraud

Ross Quade | Financial | 17 Sep, 2014 | No Comments

Elder fraud is when people purposefully target the elderly by deceiving them through the promise of services, goods or other financial benefits that do not actually exist, and were never intended to be given, or were completely misrepresented. It is illegal to exploit anyone young or old financially, however the elderly tend to be an […]

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