How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby

Ross Quade | Children | 30 Aug, 2014 | No Comments

How much does it cost to have a baby? Did you know that a hospital birth may cost up to $3,500? Well, that is the truth and many parents are not prepared for those kinds of costs when they are expecting a baby. The cost of birth depends on the type of birth. Types of birth Vaginal […]

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Why Generation X Should Rethink DIY Finances

Ross Quade | Financial | 29 Aug, 2014 | No Comments

Those that are considered Generation X, which is anyone who was born between the years 1965 and 1980, are known to be extreme product stalkers. This means that they do their research on everything they buy from a simple pair of jeans to home appliances. You would think this implies that they’d be very effective […]

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5 Reasons Life Settlements Are Making a Comeback

Ross Quade | Life Insurance | 27 Aug, 2014 | No Comments

Life settlements are officially making a comeback this year. These settlements began to decline starting in 2008 due to the changing financial landscape that altered people’s decisions when it came to financial longevity. One article written by LifeHealthPro states that it is due in part to the growing confidence in people’s life expectancies, as well […]

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How to Handle a Declined Life Insurance Application

Ross Quade | Life Insurance | 19 Aug, 2014 | No Comments

Getting your life insurance application declined can leave you extremely confused and not sure of what action you should take next. One article by Yahoo Finance stated that most of the reasons as to why people are declined from a life insurance policy is due to factors that they don’t even know about.  Otherwise, they […]

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How to Prevent a Life Insurance Coverage Gap

Ross Quade | Life Insurance | 11 Aug, 2014 | No Comments

The majority of U.S. citizens do not have enough life insurance; in fact many of them don’t have a life insurance plan at all. The most common reason for this is that people have financial priorities that come before protecting their loved one in the case of their death. However, another common reason is that […]

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