Will the Healthcare Reform Affect the Age you Can Retire?

Ross Quade | Insurance | 24 Mar, 2014 | No Comments

The high cost of medical insurance for retirees as well as the barriers that are placed on insurance coverage for many retirees who have a pre-existing condition has been a problem for many Americans who desire to retire before they turn sixty-five, which is the age that people can gain Medicare. Many people are now […]

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The Significant Health Risk of Daylight Savings Time

Ross Quade | Health | 20 Mar, 2014 | No Comments

Whether or not you personally enjoy having a longer evening or would prefer to keep your hour of sleep, we lose an hour every year in the spring. Unfortunately, whoever created the concept of daylight saving time did not take into consideration the effect that it might have on people‚Äôs well being and health. Here […]

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