17 Weird Ways People Have Died

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Death comes in many forms, and if you’re lucky, you won’t see it coming. Accidents happen and people die in unforeseen ways.

Here are 17 weird ways people have died:

1. Hoarders die in their clutter. In 1947 brothers Homer and Langley Collyer were found dead in their New York home, buried among the tons of clutter they accumulated. One was found dead in a booby trap tunnel in the home, crushed by debris. The other starved to death.

2. Beaten to death with own wooden leg. In 1649 Sir Arthur Aston was killed in Ireland by soldiers who bludgeoned Aston to death with his own wooden leg, which they believed to be filled with gold coins.

3. Heart attack at own funeral. In 2011 a Russian woman, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, died of a heart attack at her own funeral after she was mistakenly declared deceased by doctors. She woke up in a coffin and started screaming because she was about to be buried alive. She was rushed to a hospital, where she died 12 minutes later.

4. Hit by falling gargoyle outside church. Sarah Bean of Chicago was killed in September 2014 while walking with her fiance when part of a gargoyle statue on a church fell off and hit her on the head.

5. Carbon monoxide poisoning after truck stuck in mud. In 2013 the star of the MTV series “Buckwild,” Shain Gandee, 21, and two other men died of carbon monoxide poisoning after Gandee’s Ford Bronco was stuck in a mud hole and the truck’s tail pipe was submerged in mud. The clogged exhaust pipe may have allowed gas to fill the cabin.

6. Bride drowns at wedding photo shoot near river. In June 2012, new bride Maria Pantazopoulos drowned in a river near Montreal after she went into the water during part of a wedding photo shoot in a “Trash the Dress” ritual where brides playfully destroy their wedding gowns. The weight of her soaked wedding dress pulled her under the water and she drowned.

7. Hitting a home run. In October 1862, amateur baseball player Jim Creighton swung a baseball bat so hard that it ruptured his bladder. Creighton, 21, hit a home run with the deadly swing, which caused a ruptured abdominal hernia that caused internal bleeding, and he died four days after the game.

8. Falling down a chimney mistaken for a balcony. In 1939, Finnish actress Sirkka Sari fell down a chimney and into a heating boiler’s furnace after mistaking the chimney for a scenery balcony. She died instantly.

9. Electrocuted on stage by microphone. In November 2014, Argentinian rock band singer Agustin Briolini was electrocuted to death by faulty wiring on his microphone while doing a sound check before a show in northern Argentina.

10. Crushed to death at Disneyland. In 1974 Deborah Gale Stone, 18, a cast member of Disneyland’s America Sings theater, was crushed to death between the rotating theater wall and the non-moving stage.

11. Laughing to death. In 1975 Alex Mitchell died in England while watching the BBC sketch show the Goodies on TV. Mitchell, 50, suffered from a rare heart rhythm disorder called Long QT syndrome that can induce cardiac arrest when triggered by exertion or adrenaline.

12. Struck by flying lawnmower. On Dec. 9, 1979 during a halftime show of a football game at Shea Stadium, John Bowen, 20, was one of two men struck by a novel model airplane shaped like a lawnmower with a red reel and silver handle. Model planes were being flown close to spectators in the stands, and one person lost control of the plane he was flying when it nose-dived into the stands and struck Bowen, who died of his injuries four days later.

13. Playing Starcraft too long. In 2005 a South Korean man, identified only by his family name of Lee, collapsed to death after playing the game Starcraft at an Internet cafe for 50 hours with few breaks. The man, 28, didn’t sleep much and ate very little, only taking short breaks to go to the bathroom and sleep a little. He was taken to a hospital after collapsing, where he died presumably from heart failure due to exhaustion.

14. Driving Segway off cliff. In 2010 Jim Heselden, the new owner of the Segway company, died when he drive one of the scooters off a cliff and into a river near his estate 140 miles north of London. Heselden, 62, fell 30 feet over a drop into a river.

15. Crushed by quarters. In 1986, Brink’s truck driver Scott Daniel Bauman, 29, slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a car that swerved in front of him. Bauman partner, Hrand L. Arakelian, 34, was buried under a load of 25-pound coin boxes while in the back of the truck.

16. Hit by tennis ball in groin. On Sept. 10, 1983 during a match at the U.S. Open, linesman Dick Wertheim was hit in the groin by an errant shot of a tennis ball. He fell over in his chair at the center line, where he had been officiating, and struck his head on the hardcourt surface. He died five days later at a hospital. In reversing a jury award to Wertheim’s estate, a judge gave the opinion that the tennis ball wasn’t the proximate cause of death.

17. Throwing yourself through window to prove the glass is unbreakable. In July 1993, Gary Hoy of Toronto was trying to prove to students that glass in an office building was unbreakable. Hoy threw himself through a glass wall on the 24th floor and fell to his death when the window frame gave away. He had apparently bounced off the glass in the past unharmed while attempting the stunt. On his fatal plunge the glass didn’t break, but popped out of its frame.

Lesson learned here? No one is immortal.

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