15 Shocking Black Friday Shopping Injuries and Deaths

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Beware of Black Friday

If you thought you were a die-hard shopper on Black Friday, you have seen nothing yet. These shoppers meant business, even if it meant taking someone down or being the one taken down. Since 2005, there have been 9 deaths and 90 injuries that have been officially reported. Some incidents involved just one person while others sent dozens to the hospital at one time. In many cases the deals were a mere savings of $20; certainly nothing to cause bodily harm or even death of innocent people.

Shot for a Big Screen TV

One Black Friday shopper in 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada was shot while walking home with his Black Friday purchase. The victim was carrying his big-screen TV that he scored from Target to his apartment when someone trying to steal the TV shot him. At first, the suspect fired warning shots, trying to scare the victim into giving up the TV. When the victim tried wrestling the suspect to get his TV back, the victim was shot in the leg. His injuries were not life threatening.

Deadly Black Friday Driving

A teenage driver died and four of his friends were seriously injured after driving home from Black Friday shopping in 2013. The accident happened in South Carolina around 7:30 in the morning. It is believed that the teenager fell asleep at the wheel, as the other four passengers were also asleep. The driver ran off the road, running into a gas station sign. The five teens were heading home after a shopping spree at Concord Mills Mall. The four injured teens were able to recover from their injuries.

Policeman Dragged by a Car

In 2013, at Kohl’s in Romeoville, Illinois, two men were shoplifting clothes on the evening of Thanksgiving. The police were called to the scene. As the police arrived, the men were fleeing the store. One police officer was able to catch up with the thieves, but could not stop them as they entered their car. The police officer managed to grab one of the suspects as they got into the car, but they managed to drive away, dragging the police officer with them. A second police officer shot the driver in the shoulder to make him stop. The first police officer was taken to the hospital with shoulder injuries.

Parking Lot Brawl Leaves Policeman Injured

At a Walmart in Rialto, California in 2013, a police officer was left with a broken wrist as he tried to break up a fight between two men. The fight began on Thanksgiving, when the manager of the Walmart store decided to open the doors early due to the demanding customers outside. The two men that started the fight were not even in the store; they were still waiting outside when the fight broke out. One man threatened to have a gun and proceeded to kick the other man in the head, after he was already knocked to the ground.

Shots Fired Over a Parking Spot

In Tallahassee, Florida, the occupants of two vehicles got into an argument over a parking space at a Walmart around 12:00 pm on Black Friday. Two people, a man and a woman, were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. The injuries were not thought to be life threatening. Witnesses told police that the man and woman were going to Walmart together when they got into a confrontation with the driver of another vehicle, a green Toyota. The driver of the Toyota pulled out a gun and shot the man and woman and drove away, leaving witnesses to call for help.

Walking in a Parking Lot on Black Friday Can Be Hazardous  

Some Black Friday accidents occur before customers even enter the store, as was the case for a couple in Washington in 2012. They were walking together in the parking lot of a Walmart late Thursday night to get a jump on the Black Friday sales, when they were hit by a man driving an SUV through the parking lot. The 71-year old driver was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. The wife was pinned underneath the vehicle and the husband landed on the hood of the SUV. Both husband and wife were taken to the hospital where it was discovered that the woman suffered a pelvic injury and the man suffered injuries to his head; both survived the crash that ended their Black Friday shopping fun.

Unruly Pepper Spray Wielding Customer After an Xbox 

At a Walmart in Los Angeles in 2011,  a large discount on Xbox consoles was about to take place. As customers stood in line to patiently wait for the sale to begin and as sales associates finished putting the lot of those consoles for sale out on the floor, one customer became unruly and sprayed pepper spray into the air in order to gain the advantage of getting the Xbox console first. The ensuing battle resulted in more than 10 customers suffering from bruises as customers piled on top of one another. Many other customers suffered from complications from the pepper spray. The person that sprayed the chemicals at the shoppers was not found, nor was it ever determined if she was able to get her Xbox.

Die Hard Shoppers Ignore a Heart Attack Victim  

In 2011, at a Target in West Virginia, Walter Vance collapsed to the floor with a heart condition. His collapse had nothing to do with shopping on Black Friday, as he had a previous heart condition. What did matter, however, was the fact that no shoppers stopped to check on Vance as he collapsed. All of the die-hard shoppers continued to step over him as they headed to their deals; everyone acted as if he was not there until a nurse that saw what happened came over and administered CPR until the paramedics arrived. Vance later died in the hospital as a result of his heart condition.

Women on a Mission Uses Pepper Spray to Get What She Wants   

In 2011, at a Walmart in Los Angeles, an anxious shopper felt the need to carry pepper spray with her into the store in an attempt to get to the sales first. The woman yielding the pepper spray purposely sprayed anyone that got in her way as she made her way through the store, on a mission to get the items on her list. Her mission seemed to focus on toys, maybe for her own children, as she hit up the toy aisles for dolls, an Xbox and tricycles. The pepper spray lingered in the air affecting even those that were not directly sprayed. Many departments of the store were evacuated and at least 10 people, several of them children, were taken to the hospital for treatment for exposure to the chemicals in the pepper spray.

Trampled for Presents

In 2009 in Clarksville, Tennessee, a large crowd of people at a Toys R US trampled an innocent woman. At 8:00 pm, Amy Serna got in line where the doors were set to open at midnight. As the crowd got larger, there was no evidence of security or even a store representative at the front of the store. The crowd grew larger and people began crowding the front of the line, rather than going to the end of the line, which wrapped around the store. When the store opening was delayed, the crowd standing outside of the line pushed forward as much as possible, pushing Serna down. She was taken to the hospital with head, knee and back injuries.

Customer Assaulted Trying to Protect Her Mother

Another incident that occurred in Jackson, Tennessee in 2010, harmed a transgender woman and her mother. Akasha Adonis and her mother were innocently entering the store just as it opened at an entrance that happened to have no line. Another customer of the store noticed the lack of line and bolted over, pushing Adonis’ mother out of the way. Adonis, not wanting her mother to get hurt, stepped in the way of the shopper that was shoving. Adonis was screamed at by the shopper and subsequently grabbed by her hair by another man who then continued to pull three of her front teeth right out of the socket and broke her jaw. After the assault, the attacker walked into the store to shop at Kohl’s. One other woman that was involved in the attack called the police.

Two Die After a Shooting Match at Toys R Us 

On Black Friday in 2008, a shopping spree at Toys R Us ended up in a shooting match that ended in death for two men. It is unclear whether the fight was over a toy or a personal matter, but it started with two women arguing in the store. The women got physical with one another and blood was spewing everywhere. The men that came to the store with the two women then got into the fight. Each man was carrying a gun, which they used on one another. Both men were shot to death at the store; no one else was injured during the very scary fight.

Pregnant Woman Loses Her Baby

In 2008, at a Walmart in Long Island, New York, a young woman who was 8 months pregnant at the time was in line, waiting to enter the store on Black Friday. She was not alone; there were hundreds of other anxious shoppers ready to hit the sales. When the doors opened, the crowd stampeded through the doors, literally taking them right off of the hinges. As the crowd bum rushed into the store, employees and customers were knocked down, including the woman who was 8 months pregnant. She was knocked unconscious and lost her baby as a result of the accident.

Crazy Crowd Stampedes a Man to Death

At the same Walmart in Long Island, New York, on the same day, a 34-year old temporary employee of Walmart lost his life during the stampede. The same crowd that took the door off of its hinges was jumping barricades and knocking anything down that was in their way to get to the sales. The employees inside the store saw the incoming masses and formed a human chain in order to slow the crowd down, but the plan backfired, and left Jdimytai Damour trampled to death as a result. No one seemed to care that the man was down and was fighting for his life; the shoppers were more interested in how long they waited in line, rushing to get the items that were first on their list.

What Shoppers Will Do for a Laptop

In 2005, at a Walmart in Lincoln, Nebraska, shoppers began fighting over laptops. The $378 HP Laptop was the hot item of the day. There were only 65 laptops available for sale and more than 100 people were in line. When the computers were unwrapped, employees were pushed out of the way as shoppers tried to be the first to grab a computer. Shoppers dove over and under the pile in order to get their hands on one. A woman that was desperate to have a computer even crawled underneath the crowd, got her hands on a computer and hung on for dear life as the hundreds of other customers trying to get one trampled her.




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