10 Popular TV Show Characters That Really Should Have Life Insurance

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Many characters from our favorite TV shows live dramatic and even sometimes-dangerous lives, which makes it all the more entertaining to watch what happens to them. That being said, if the risky endeavors taken by some TV characters happened in real life, it would come at a significant cost to the future of the ones’ they love. Although these TV characters have entertained, shocked, and made us tear up if their situations were occurring in real life, they should have taken out a life insurance policy to protect their loved ones. Here are ten TV show characters that could use the protection.


1.   Ned Stark From Game of Thrones

If you watch Game of Thrones but haven’t read the books, then the killing of Ned Stark probably was one of the most shocking twists you have ever seen. Stark was beheaded at the end of the season for treason, which was a crime that he did not actually commit. However, he falsely admitted to it so that he could save the ones he loved. It was an entirely unexpected event for both him and his family, and in the aftermath they likely could have used an insurance policy for some financial support, especially with an impending war on the horizon.


2.   Judah and Nancy Botwin From Weeds

If only Nancy’s first and late husband, Judah, from Weeds, would have taken out a life insurance policy so that his two kids and stay-at-home wife were supported, Nancy likely would not have turned to selling marijuana. In that case though, the entire show would have lost its main plotline, and so perhaps it is actually a good thing that he did not take out a policy before his death. In the series, Nancy becomes a drug dealer because her husband dies unexpectedly and leaves her with an unaffordable lifestyle and a bunch of expenses. If Judah had purchased a life insurance policy that covered his income potential, then Weeds likely would have been about nothing more than a soccer mom cheering at her son’s games.


3.   Ted Mosby From How I Met Your Mother

In the fifth season of How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby purchases a home for his wife and kids, even though he does not yet have either. It was a brash decision caused by his mother getting married for a second time. Unfortunately for poor Mosby, the house was incredibly rundown when he purchased it and put the burden of a heavy mortgage on his shoulders. This character should definitely have bought a life insurance policy at this time so that if he died unexpectedly, his future loved ones would not have to cover his expenses.


4.   Dexter Morgan From Dexter

Close to 70 percent of single parents that live with their children do not have a life insurance policy. However, single parents are one portion of the population in which life insurance is incredibly important. As a single parent, Dexter really should have a life insurance policy, especially since he takes such high risks in being a serial killer. If one of his enemies gets the best of him, who would look after little Harrison?


5.   Arizona and Callie From Grey’s Anatomy

Callie only barely survived a car crash, which puts into question whether or not her wife Arizona and her daughter Sofia would have been able to handle their finances if things had turned out differently. However, if Callie had taken out a life insurance policy, financial matters would likely have been a lot easier on the two. Additionally, life insurance would have come in handy for Sofia’s father Mark, who passed away from a plane crash.


6.   Lucious Lyon From Empire

Lucious Lyon came from nothing to go on to create a mega business empire including a nightclub, a champagne brand, a shoe line, and a very successful music label. Although Lucious has not had the closest relationship with his family (his sons reported him for murder), it is still likely that Lucious would want to know that they would be taken care of in the event of his death. A life insurance policy would have come in handy for Lucious, especially since the industries he is in is a precarious one.


7.   Leslie Knope From Parks and Recreation

At the end of the season, Parks and Recreation star Leslie Knope discovers that she is pregnant with triplets. Having one child is a big enough task, but having to provide for three would likely throw anyone for a loop. The second that she found out she was going to have twins, Leslie should have immediately taken out a life insurance policy to protect her soon to be expanded family.


8.   Walter White From Breaking Bad

We should all be thankful that Walter White did not think of taking out a life insurance policy to protect his loved ones so that we could be privy to such a fantastic show. However, if he had, he probably would not have thought it necessary to turn Albuquerque into a blood bath. Perhaps things would have taken a more pleasant turn for the White family if Walter had simply taken out a policy when he found out he had cancer instead of becoming a Meth cooker.


9.   Llana Wexler From Broad City

Llana is a free spirit that many people love to watch in her different crazy endeavors, however because she does not exactly have the best work ethic, having a life insurance policy likely would be a good idea. This is especially the case since she probably does not have any financial plan in order. Taking out a policy would have allowed her parents to take care of her debts (which she likely has a lot of) and put on the funeral that she would have wanted.


10.   Chandler Bing From Friends

Chandler Bing quit his job in season nine so that he could become an advertising intern and pursue his dream. However, this meant walking away from a stable future at a time when he wanted to start a family. No one should bank on his or her savings account to take care of their family if they pass away, and they especially should not if they drain their account before that time. Unfortunately, career changes often cause people to do just that. If Chandler took a life insurance policy out, he would rest easy knowing that wherever his path takes him, his family would be protected.



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